‘Our vital energy is
our invisible mirror
to self discovery’

Heather Marlow  B.W.Y.Dip,  M.S.A.P.P.

Telephone: 07796 447101

Email: therapy@mindandbodycentering.co.uk

When our mind and body are in harmony our vital energy is balanced
and flows freely. This allows our thoughts, emotions and actions to
become clearer. We are more confident in all that we say and do.

Mind and Body Centering aims to bring you to a state of harmony and inner peace. Old negative habits are released, new positive thoughts are formed. You are then free to explore the endless possibilities that are your true nature.


Each session lasts approximately one hour, during which time you will be able to discuss any of your concerns. After this, I will begin the hands on healing, which will allow you to enter into your own space and find clarity of thought. You will remain fully clothed and sitting in a chair for the entire session.


‘Since childhood I have been aware of the positive dimensions of love and its healing energies. Yoga and meditation have enabled me to expand this awareness, so that I am now able to share this with others, allowing healing to be given to those who seek help.’


Heather Marlow has worked as a yoga teacher for over twenty years. Teaching nationally as well as internationally. She is also a trained hypnotherapist.



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